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“ It’s like watching Paris from an express caboose heading in the opposite direction – every second the city gets smaller, only you feel it’s really you getting smaller and smaller and lonelier and lonelier, rushing away from those lights and that excitement at about a million miles an hour.”

 ~ a famous line from the novel The Bell Jar  ~

That’s exactly how my girlfriend and I felt when we left Paris, after eight glorious days walking through the city. Wearing beat-up sneakers, we covered 45 miles in five days alone, wandering through Springtime gardens and tea shops, the finest museums and liquor stores. We sampled chocolate, marveled at the Eiffel Tower, and bought what seemed like too many novelty items for loved ones back home.

The day before we said our goodbyes to the city we’d fallen so deeply in love with, we stood for a long time in front of a street artist’s colorful canvas display. Both Lauren and myself picked out original oil paintings, intent on bringing them back to the states, as a gentle reminder of our time there.

Sharon Santoni, Founder of My Stylish French Box
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Allow me to introduce Sharon Santoni, owner of My Stylish French Box. It was a pure delight to find her!

Each quarter, by way of subscription, My Stylish French Box brings you a curated selection of Sharon’s favorite French items. These include home décor and cooking, finds from her antique hunts, beauty, entertaining items and more. The Box is all about bringing an authentic French touch and feel to your home, wherever that may be.

An example delivery of My Stylish French Box might hold treasures like a diffuser with incense sticks, rose soap, an exclusive linen bag, antique couture wooden bobbins, a limited edition watercolor print and luxurious lip balm.



Her new and unique gift is perfect for birthdays, holidays, travel lovers, cooking connoisseurs, interior design gurus and more.

What made you think of creating My Stylish French Box?

That’s a great question! Since I began the blog My French Country Home, the concept has been about sharing my love of France. My readers really enjoy the fact that I’m here in this wonderful country, writing from an authentic point of view and giving them inside information, as well.

I wanted to carry the same theme over to My Stylish French Box. Here, I can share my favorite items, the most iconic brands as well as the small, lesser known artisan creators we have here in France.

Can you share a bit of your ‘back story’ with us? For instance; Where are you from? What do you love about France? Why are you so passionate about sharing your country with others around the world? 

I am actually British-born and first came to the south of France as a student. You know the story ~ I fell in love with a young French boy and decided I wanted to make my life here with him, in France. We have four children.  They grew up here in Normandy, but are adults now and have begun to live their own lives. We are so happy for, and proud of them!

Cafe Britt


Even though I have lived in France far longer than I lived in England, it all still seems new to me. I do not tire of the ‘French-ness’ in my every day life. I get excited over the marvelous architecture, the decadent food, and our beautiful countryside.

I think that this is the message I try to convey and share every day: wherever you are, live ~ live with your eyes wide open and enjoy everything!

How do you choose what makes its way into each box?
My Stylish French Box – Sample curated gifts

We pick a seasonal theme. Then, I take my time selecting gifts as if I were putting them together for a girlfriend. You would not pick just anything, would you? We look for items that are made in France. They must be feminine and elegant for the person receiving it. I always ask myself, “ Would I want to use this in my home? Would I love to receive this gift myself? ” And, truth be told, some of the items have made their way into my dwelling, where I enjoy them each and every day.

I have to tell you, I think that this is a wonderful idea! I imagine it has been a hit with your readers as well. Can you tell me ~ Is business going well? Is your clientele list growing? Are you thinking of adding more boxes as time goes on?

As I said before, I love the entire concept of My Stylish French Box. And selling a subscription box is totally different from regular retail selling. We have been thrilled with the launch and appreciate the feedback from our clients ~ who happen to be from all over the world.

We do plan to add more boxes to our selection, as one-off special editions, between the quarterly boxes. We will announce our very first special edition box in the Fall and we’re very excited about it!

I am particularly proud, and ever-so grateful to be able to promote the high quality and traditional craftsmanship that the French are exemplary at.

How many countries are represented in your customer orders?

The largest percentage of our boxes are shipped to the US, but we also send many boxes to Australia and Canada. Aside from these three, we have shipped boxes to seven other countries thus far. I am so pleased with how my dream of sharing France, my home, and my life has spilled over into the world around me.

To sign up for your own luxury subscription to My Stylish French Box, simply click here.

More information on Sharon can be found at

Originally posted 2018-04-30 09:00:00.

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