With so many websites and blogs at our fingertips it can be equally fun and daunting to find great articles. We read through HUNDREDS of posts each week discovering what is trending and what is happening that will interest you, our reader. Unfortunately we can not be everywhere all of the time. We have collected our favorites from this past week for a great weekend read of any topics or locations we may have missed.

1. 2015 Bucketlist Update

‘I never imagined I would complete all 50 items on this year’s bucketlist. I didn’t just want to visit Antarctica; I wanted to sail there as part of the training crew on a tall ship… spending days in the Drake Passage with the worst sailing conditions on the planet. I didn’t just want to go on a safari in Uganda; I wanted to trek gorillas and chimpanzees. I came up with 50 crazy ideas and then guess what? I made them happen. ‘  – READ MORE from Bucketlist Publications


2. 7 Fun Things to do in Lake Charles, Louisiana

‘When I was invited to visit Lake Charles, Louisiana on a Cajun culinary tour, I started dreaming about the food right away. And then when I read about the boudin trail, I started packing my bags.

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Anybody who knows me well knows that I adore Cajun food. I have been known to keep Tabasco bottles in my drawers at work, and I have a selection of various hot sauces in my pantry at home. Spicy food makes me happy. I just love that tingle on my lips and the burn in my throat.’ – READ MORE from 2FoodTrippers


3. Why I Chose to Study Abroad in Wales and NOT London

‘When I first decided to go to the UK for my undergrad degree, I will confess I was a huge anglophile. I wasn’t the Doctor Who kind, more of the Shakespeare and Jane Austen type. Of course this meant that I thought living in a cottage, roaming the moors and drinking tea was the way life would be the second I started school. I thought by going somewhere like London, or Bath that I would have this idyllic life, meet hot british boys and be completely happy wearing Wellies and carrying an umbrella all the time.’ – READ MORE from Southern Blonde Abroad



4. One Day in Verona…

‘I’ve never read Romeo and Juliet. Or the Two Gentlemen of Verona for that matter. I wasn’t a fan of Shakespeare at school and was convinced he hadn’t intended his stories for literature syllabuses. Never mind all these hidden meanings and symbolistic inferences. Personally I reckon he just enjoyed writing a good yarn.So when I found myself with one day in Verona this month, I had no idea I’d be on the trail of the famous star-crossed lovers. Although Romeo and Juliet may be purely fictional characters, the romance of Verona is very real.’ – READ MORE from Conversant Traveller

5. Seattle’s Open Kitchen Restaurants

‘I’ve just discovered my new favorite type of restaurant. I’m not talking Mexican or Thai cuisine. I mean I’ve discovered a preferred style of dining. I had to go to Seattle to discover this restaurant epiphany. Seattle knows how to do the farm to table thing, much like Los Angeles, but then they take things a step further with an open kitchen/bar/deli-free-for-all/part restaurant/part cafe thing.’ – READ MORE from Tasting Page

Cafe Britt


6. 7 Best Travel Apps for Business Travelers

‘If you are a modern business traveler, you are probably well acquainted with all the good sides of traveling for business as well as with aspects that are not so much fun. The fast pace of business trips with airports, lounges, flights, taxis, hotels and meetings can sometimes get overwhelming and everyone could appreciate some help with many things in a new environment. Fortunately, with modern problems, modern solutions spring up, and you can keep them in your pocket. So here comes a list of 7 must-have phone apps that will certainly make your life easier…’ READ THE FULL LIST from StreetTrotter

7. Pucker Up, Portland: Let’s Celebrate Peche Fest!

‘Admission to Peche Fest cost ten bucks per person and included a custom event-themed glass plus two drink tickets. There was an advanced-puchased VIP option which would have entailed some early afternoon day-drinking, but Todd and I procrastinated and missed out. No worries though; additional drink tickets were available for cash. I’ll tell you myself: those additional drink tickets were a necessary purchase.’ – READ MORE from Cascading Rhythm

8. Fall in Arkansas

‘Two years ago we discovered the beautiful state of Arkansas. It was summer time when my husband told me that he read an article in an airline magazine about Arkansas during the Fall. I am not just a sucker for colorful foliage but to new destinations and adventures as well. Thus, I immediately started researching about the place – when is the best time to go and where to stay.’ – READ MORE from Bon-Bon Voyage

9. Catamaran Sailing Around Santorini

‘You can’t visit Santorini without going sailing! Santorini Sailing has the perfect catamaran trip that takes you around the entire island and ends with you being able to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean. The tour starts at the Oia port and sails to a secluded spot, where you can hop off and go swimming. In fact there is even a plank where you can jump off! Or you can stay on board, soak up the sun and take advantage of the included beverages such as sodas, water, beer and wine.’ – READ MORE from NYC Jetsetter

10. Find Your Perfect Country

‘Working on a post The Seven Best Countries I realised there are so many well-known places I haven’t been to that writing about Best Country for… is a bit difficult to do it on your own. I asked my travel blogger friends for contributions and this is what I got! I expected to hear about places I havne’t seen yet, but what I didn’t expect was such a different view on some countries I thought I knew.

Let’s take France as an example – I think of it as a country of croissants, wine and people who refuse to speak English to you. Belarus? Problems, what else? Poland, my homeland? Well, it’s mostly about lakes,pierogis and history, isn’t it?

Well, no, it’s not that simple.’ – READ MORE from Amused Observer

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