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Once again, this week has produced some outstanding blog posts from talented writers. Check out some of our favorite couch surfing posts from the week.

On the Trail of Fairies and Ghosts in Greenan Maze, Ireland

“I have always been a bit of a lazy mum when it comes to Halloween, but this year I have noticed my kids getting quite excited about it, and so I decided to organise something special for them. If fun but scary is what Halloween is all about, then I think I came up with the perfect plan: we are going to a haunted maze in County Wicklow!” – READ MORE from Learning Escapes


Hiking the Harding Icefield Trail

“Alaska is quite possibly the best place to hike in the world. Well one of the best places anyway.

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The sheer wildness and diversity of the landscape coupled with the emptiness of the State make it a dream destination for nature wanderlusters like me.” – READ MORE from The World is My Necklace


Carry-On Only: Travel in 11 Pounds

“Packing has always been a fun experiment in minimalism for me. Hey, I played a lot of Tetris as a kid. Nowadays it’s even becoming more necessary to go more minimal with your luggage, as so many airlines’ restrictions are tightening up all the time. There are a handful of international airlines that have restricted both their allowed carryon luggage’s weight and size dimensions and also a bunch that only allow one carry-on bag. So, what’s one do to avoid checking your bag and paying fees? One lightens up. Like, a lot.” – READ MORE from Burger Abroad


MSC Cruises


Holiday Countdown

“When counting down for a holiday any day is a good day, especially for us the other day when a package arrived. It was our Avalon cruise pack, a folder containing our boarding passes, luggage tags and itinerary. This is when you know it is time to start the countdown.” – READ MORE from A Hole in My Shoe


Trieste By Night

“The Northeastern Italian port town of Trieste is absolutely gorgeous. Once an Austro-Hungarian empire, it boasts spectacular architecture so impressive it will leave you wide-eyed (and most likely gasping loudly, like I did) at the beauty of every piazza you’ll stumble upon.” – READ MORE from The GO Fever


Cafe Britt


9 Reasons to Travel Solo in Your 20’ꜱ

“Travel solo in your 20s at least once. It doesn’t really matter if where you go.. just go! Wherever you go, be it the beach or a tour of near by city – traveling solo will be one of the most important, fun, and major things you’ll do in your 20s. Read on to know why traveling solo in your 20s is something you should really consider doing.” – READ MORE from The Lavish Nomad


Swimming With Whale Sharks in Cancun

“I sat on the edge of the boat, clinging to dear life as the waves tossed our vessel about. Finally I heard Csaba yell, “Go!” and I did as I’d been instructed–I pushed off the side of the boat into the deep water below, just as the huge dorsal fin came near.” – READ MORE from Luggage and Lipstick


Casa Lomo – Toronto

“I recently had the opportunity to visit Casa Loma in Toronto with one of my closest friends. Since she’s also a photographer, you can bet we had a great time, and stayed until we were kicked out! (It was closing time, we didn’t break any valuables, no need to worry).” – READ MORE from Travel and Pictures


Captivating Catalina

“I’m not even sure how we first heard about Catalina Island. It was many years ago when we made our first visit. But once we went, we knew we’d be going back again! First of all, we wanted to share the experience with our children. And we happen to like getting away from the busy-ness of southern California, without having to travel very far or dip into our wallets for airfare.” – READ MORE from Postcards and Passports


Top Ten Things to do in London For the First Time

“London is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is a place you can keep coming back and see something new. In fact, there is so much to see that sometimes it is overwhelming. So here is the top ten things you should do when you first visit London.” – READ MORE from Well Planned Travel


Eraclea Minoa Strolls

“Even the most devoted ancient history buff needs a break. Trust me, after spending a day in the Valley of the Temples, taking your mind off everything Greek and heading to the beach feels so refreshing. Our beach of choice happened to be the one at Eraclea Minoa.” – READ MORE from Traveling Bytes

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