Toruk: First Flight, the Avatar-inspired Cirque Du Soleil Show



Few things are as enchanting as movie magic and the film AVATAR was the first of it’s kind to take production and visual effects to the next level. Continually outdoing themselves and as the leader in live performance art, Cirque Du Soleil has done the same with their newest show, TORUK: First Flight.

Cafe Britt


Based in the past on the planet of Pandora, long before the events of AVATAR take place, we find ourselves following the journey of two young Omatikaya warriors, Entu and Ralu. On their quest to find the mythic Toruk and save their village from a river of lava threatening to destroy the Tree of Souls, they meet many new friends and find themselves struggling against the animals and elements of Pandora. What ensues is an absolute assault on the senses with acrobatics, beautiful music, incredible visual effects, and a plethora of creatures with insanely talented puppeteers bringing them to life.



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