Toruk: First Flight, the Avatar-inspired Cirque Du Soleil Show



Few things are as enchanting as movie magic and the film AVATAR was the first of its kind to take production and visual effects to the next level. Continually out doing themselves and as the leader in live performance art, Cirque Du Soleil has done the same with their newest show, TORUK: First Flight.

Based in the past on the planet of Pandora, long before the events of AVATAR take place, we find ourselves following the journey of two young Omatikaya warriors, Entu and Ralu. On their quest to find the mythic Toruk and save their village from a river of lava threatening to destroy the Tree of Souls, they meet many new friends and find themselves struggling against the animals and elements of Pandora. What ensues is an absolute assault on the senses with acrobatics, beautiful music, incredible visual effects, and a plethora of creatures with insanely talented puppeteers bringing them to life.

Leaving the traditional tent-setup and usual Cirque format behind, TORUK was made especially for an arena setting, meaning there is far more room for characters to explore the stage and for amazing visual effects to entrance the audience. Over a year in the making, the production involves over 40 performers, 40 sound and lighting technicians, and about 20 other various crew members to bring everything to life. A total of 40 video projectors are used in conjunction with 115 costumes and over 1,000 prop items to make this fantasy world a reality. The mighty Toruk puppet used at the end of the show is a great testament to the skills of the performers and crew—it requires all six puppeteers to operate and the end result is one that takes your breath away. All the scenes, stunts and performances were flawlessly executed, creating the perfect depiction of life on Pandora.

Speaking with Lydia Harper

Cafe Britt


We were lucky enough to have a chat with Lydia Harper, one of the performers who specializes in aerials and Chinese pole and who plays three different characters from various tribes. Want to know what it’s like to be a performer in TORUK? Have a behind-the-scenes look.

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The show is a spectacle for AVATAR and Cirque fans alike and even if you’ve seen neither before, you are bound to leave mystified and enchanted. If I could see it again and again, I’d be first in line, every time. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime show. Click here for a list of upcoming shows/cities and to buy tickets today.

Originally posted 2010-10-14 12:47:08.

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