To All of Our Mothers, From All of Your Daughters



People fall in love with travel for a myriad of reasons. Some folks travel for the sheer joy of the experience, while others travel because, well, they just can’t keep seem to keep their feet in one place for long.

I talk with many globetrotters who feel the need to move out of their comfort zone, and many others express an avid interest in learning more about the history, culture and local stories of another country and it’s people.

I began my own love and interest in travel, after a long, heart-breaking discussion with my mom. She spoke of her deepest regret ~ she’d never taken her dream trip to Paris with my dad, when she had the time. Mom was on her deathbed when she expressed this sorrow. I vowed, then and there, that I’d travel to Paris for her. And I did, years later, celebrating her memory, on what would have been her birthday.

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with actress and luxury-travel writer, Eva LaRue. I was instantly impressed with her love of travel. It struck a chord in me, as I listened to her explain how much influence her mom had on her ever-growing wanderlust.

Who first inspired you to travel? 
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That answer is easy, Theresa! My mom. Every year, while we were growing up, she’d plan a 2-week-long camping trip for us. And it was always during those long, lazy Summer months of  “no school, plenty of boredom.”

Mom instilled love in us, for the beauty of America, and would often say “There’s a treasure trove of stunning places, right under our noses, it’s up to us to find them.”

We traveled to The Grand Canyon, explored so many of our National Parks, and we loved visiting The Crystal Caves in Oregon.



I can still remember my sister and I, sharing our joy and excitement, any time we learned about our next vacation destination. We were just so happy to be traveling as a family, and the experiences we gathered were shared with anyone who’d listen! Every single one of those memories are precious. They make me smile, even today, all these years later.

And, while in my 20’s, I was in the soap opera All My Children. That meant I had some free time to travel throughout the states. Having a job like that gave me extra income to help finance my love of travel. It was wonderful!

I’ve been such a lucky girl, Theresa. I’ve made it to places like Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana’s 5-star guest ranch, which boasts a great balance of luxury travel and authentic Western adventure.

Cafe Britt


I’ve also enjoyed stays at Triple Creek Ranch. This place under-promises, and over-delivers, breathtaking views of the Bitterroot Mountain Range, right in the heart of Montana’s Rockies.

And can I tell you about my love for The Crazy U Ranch in Colorado? If you’re interested in a luxury Dude ranch, you’ve got to make your way there! You can go mountain-bike riding, spend your days hiking, or experience a ride on the ranger’s tour. It’s a great family get-away and the scenes of our Colorado River, running off into the Continental Divide, are amazing. Horseback riding at any of these places is a must!

Who inspires you to travel today?

Another easy answer! My daughter, Kaya. I hope to instill the same love of travel in her that my mother did for me. There’s something magical about having a child, about seeing travel through their young eyes. Everything in the world seems brand new again, you know? ( I have two wonderful sons of my own; I know, I know.)

We’ve traveled many places inside the States and enjoy traveling to far-away places as well. No matter where we spend our time together, both Kaya and I come away filled with a sense of culture, beauty and fulfillment.

We’ve been to marvelous places like Rome, Cambodia, Thailand, and Turkey, just to name a few. And she’s loving the Dude Ranches, just like I do.

She’s 15 now. Travel opens my daughter up to learning, first-hand, about this big, bold, beautiful world. She’s exposed to people and culture, history and architecture, all stemming from her travels.

I love exploring the world with Kaya. And I hope my mom knows how much I loved traveling with her. Who knows, when Kaya has a child of her own, perhaps she’ll decide to share this wanderlust as well. I like to think it’s a multi-generational thing.

Eva and I laugh, sharing a warm moment together. We wish each other a Happy Mother’s Day, “ Until next time.”

Eva LaRue is .Luxury’s Travel Ambassador, who’s global experiences and insider jet-setting you can read about, on the blog and website. .Luxury is a new and expanding online network that encompasses hundreds of luxury-oriented websites, each carrying a signature domain address ending in “luxury.” The .luxury community is designed to connect brands and consumers interested in luxury products,services and content.

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