The Perfect Dinner Party: Drinks, Supply & Demand

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Nothing will ruin a good celebration more than running out of alcohol for your guests. On a recent The Rachael Ray Show appearance, US TV celebrity, Clinton Kelly shared his own method for determining how much alcohol to purchase for your guests. (Wishing you had this information for your last party, aren’t you?)

Party Time!

Mr. Kelly’s advice is as follows:  Plan for two drinks per person during the first hour of the party. One additional drink per guest for each hour after the first. So if you have a four-hour party, you will need to stock five drinks per guest.

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What about ice? Mr. Kelly advises purchasing one pound of ice per guest for an indoor party and two pounds of ice per guest for an outdoor party. (Ice melts faster outdoors)





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Of course the most important piece of advice from Mr. Kelly is determining how many guests to invite. His suggestion is to divide the square footage of your home by “5” to determine how many people to invite. If your space is 100 square feet, you can invite 20 guests. This does not apply if you are hosting a kegler-style house party.

Toasting the Entrée

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