The New Great Debate: Hotel or Home Rental

We simplify the decision

With travel taking a firm hold on our generation, it can be a genuine challenge to find the perfect accommodation whether due to budget or peak season. Often times, it is the deciding factor on whether to visit one destination or another. Modern technology has opened countless doors to travelers to experience luxurious to creative accommodations.

Exploring sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway can be overwhelming for self-booking travelers. So let’s start by simplifying the modern travelers plight by answering the “which is better,” hotel or home rental question.

Reasons a hotel might be ideal:

  • Hotels are typically situated in the most ideal setting providing ample opportunities for sightseeing, business meetings, and access to restaurants and bars.

    Photo courtesy of Monika Neumann
  • Many hotels offer concierge services to provide exclusive access to restaurants, bars and local sites.
  • Amenities, amenities, amenities. If you forgot your toothbrush or need a fancy shampoo to get through your trip most hotels provide these at the front desk. If not, there is usually someone there to help you fulfill that need.
  • The kids will love it! Many hotels and resorts provide cribs or a rollaway bed, extra linens, and often times a kids’ club service to provide childcare for your date night. Hotels ensure all entertainment needs and comfort are taken care of.
  • Customer service and guarantee with hotels is a given. You can easily discover what to expect during your stay from browsing online or in a brochure. Check-in and check-out procedures will always leave you with that age-old familiar feeling we embrace while traveling.

Reasons a home rental might be ideal:

  • Home rentals provide opportunity to rent an entire home or just one room while paying by the night. This is typically very budget friendly for larger groups traveling together.
  • A private space which allows you more time to spend together and truly enjoy your getaway.
  • With a home rental you are able to fully experience the local living aspect of travel. You can visit local stores and markets to create your own meals in your rental kitchen.
  • Pair your rental with a local experience to truly live like a local during your holiday.
  • Home rentals are found in the center of the tourist destination or off-the grid offering you a wider perspective of places than hotels.

No matter what fits your travel needs, options are varied and plentiful. Bon voyage!

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