Six Tricks to Getting a Luxury Hotel Upgrade



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Have you ever been checking in and overheard the front desk person say to the guest next to you, “Of course sir! It looks like we were able to upgrade you to one of our suites!” After that initial pang of jealousy passed, did you wonder how they were able to swing that?


We’re here with six tips and tricks to help you enjoy that next vacation from a better room.

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1. Dress The Part

6277930801_6a0fed99af_oIt’s pretty obvious that if you roll into the Four Season Aspen in a pair of sweatpants with your hair in a bun and no makeup on, that they aren’t going to roll out a red carpet, right? (Well…if the customer service is THAT good, they still might.) If you want to stay in the suite, dress like you can afford it. They’re more likely to let you have it if you look the part.





PLEASEI cannot stress this enough. I’m not sure why, but sometimes people seem to subscribe to the idea that being demanding will get you what you want. The person behind the desk is just that, a person, so it never hurts to smile, ask how their day is, and make relevant conversation. People want to please people they like so make yourself personable and you might just be unpacking in the penthouse. My personal favorite mantra?

You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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3. Join Their Loyalty Program

HandshakeBefore you arrive, make sure you sign up for their loyalty program and add your new member number to your reservation. If a hotel knows you are interested in more than just this one stay with them, they’re likely to invest more in you. Plus, what’s the harm? You’ll probably get free wifi, an early check-in, or another valuable perk.




4. It’s All About TimingUntitled design (1)

Contrary to popular belief that the morning is best because all the rooms are open, the best time to check in is between 4–6 p.m.. By then a lot of guests have already checked in so staff can see what is available and if there were any cancellations. It also helps to visit during off-season and book a shorter stay if you’re trying to get an upgrade; it’s a lot easier to free up a junior suite for two nights than six.


[spacer height=”20px”]5. Get The Right Credit Card

Untitled design (2)Ok, ok, I know telling you to get another or a new credit card probably doesn’t sound that great but WAIT. The benefits of having a Chase card or other card that works with luxury hotel chains are way worth it. While many cards offer similar benefits, the best program we’ve found yet is American Express’ Finer Hotels and Resorts program. When you book through Amex you’ll receive an automatic upgrade to next best room available, early check-in at noon (when available), late check out at 4, free daily breakfast for two, free Wifi and a $100 credit to use towards spa, room charges, etc.


6. Just ASK!

Untitled design (3)This also seems obvious but a lot of people don’t even think to ask. Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a nicer room is your silence so don’t be afraid to speak up. If you’ve employed the other 5 tips (especially the ‘be polite’ part), your chances are looking pretty good!



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