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Do you have a bucket list? I do. In fact, I have had a bucket list since first seeing Samantha Brown explore the stunning city of New York. You could feel her awe and excitement through the television screen while she uncovered the little secrets throughout her hotel of choice. It made me want to explore the world to find similar secret luxuries. To this day, one of her favorite places to visit while in the city is The Library Hotel.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

The hotel immediately went down in my journal as a MUST VISIT location. The Library Hotel, by Library Collection, is, even more, spectacular in person than any camera could capture. With subdued and tasteful luxury, Library Hotel is an oasis in the city that never sleeps.

IMG_0100Located in a central place on Madison and East 41st Street, you are walking distance to everything from Times Square to Grand Central Station and premiere shopping. You have a front row viewing spot for the Macy’s parades, Gay Pride Parade and more from the comfort of the ‘Madison and Vine’ restaurant or The Library Hotel’s Reading Room. Retire to the rooftop bar which boasts breathtaking 360-degree views for a wide selection of crafted cocktails and a unique atmosphere.

This historic neb-gothic style “silver building” dates back to 1912 and measures in at only 25ft wide and 100ft long. But that didn’t seem to phase, Former President Theodore Roosevelt who housed his office in this building after his presidency to serve as Contributing Editor for The Outlook, a news and editorial magazine based at 299 Madison Ave.

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Today’s modern interior design is based on the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Each of the 10 floors throughout the boutique hotel represents one class of the DDC. To keep up this unique concept, the 60 luxury rooms host artwork and hardcover books under one sub-theme.

Framed DDC - library hotel



library hotel

Once nestled in your room with a good book, you may be remiss to go explore the busy city. Definitely, take advantage of the access to New York Sports club, the complimentary wine and cheese reception, and the turndown service with Belgian chocolates.


Don’t fret over finding your way through the city to find breakfast in the morning. Instead, find your way to The Reading Room where Strand Bookstore, one of the oldest running bookstores in Manhattan and home to over 2.5 million books helps the Library’s Honorary Librarian keep the Hotel’s shelves stocked with hardcover books. Here you will also find Library Hotel’s amazing continental breakfast with views overlooking Madison Ave. From bagels to fruit and espresso to orange juice – grab a book, find a window seat, and curl up with breakfast and NYC.

library hotel - reading room

Cafe Britt


library hotel - breakfast

Madison and Vine is located at the entrance to the hotel lobby and is accessible from both the lobby and Madison Ave. With grand french doors that open to the cool breeze and sweet buzz of the city, you can enjoy a delicious cheese plate or light brunch while not missing the feel and energy of the city life.

Front desk concierge are always willing to aid you with any demands. The amount of knowledge they have is amazing! If you wish to nab a last minute reservation across town, just ask them to place a call and like magic… it’s done! Don’t forget to pick up your passes to New York Sports Club and your discounted parking from he front desk.

After a day of exploring New York City, retire to Library Hotel for a nightcap at the rooftop bar. Sip your favorite cocktail while watching the streets of New York light up for its second show. Madison and Vine will even deliver some late night nosh for you and your friends as you relax and take in the scenery. I strongly recommend ordering a warm brownie.. or two!


From cozy outdoor seating to luxurious indoor nooks, Library Hotel has mastered the art of tranquility in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

IMG_0198 IMG_0216

If you require space to host a business meeting or conference, ask to use the Inspiration Boardroom. Just know that you will be setting a high standard for future meetings.

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No matter what beckons you to The Big Apple, look no further than the subdued grandeur of The Library Hotel. Superior service, divine cocktails, and bespoke atmosphere to satisfy everyone.

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