One-on-One with Alexander Britell of Caribbean Journal

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Alexander Britell is Founder and Editor of Caribbean Journal, the world’s largest website covering all Caribbean news with a focus on travel and tourism.

In just five years, Caribbean Journal has become the number one go-to source for all regional news, travel news, travel reviews and information on the Caribbean.

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Alexander and his team travel four to five times a month to the islands, keeping their finger on the pulse of all Caribbean news—from the political climate and how it affects travel, to guides and travel deals.

Here are some thoughts that Alexander shared with Hospitality21 Editor in Chief Carol Sorgen.

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What do you love most about the Caribbean?

The diversity of the region—every island is so different, from the people to the food to the culture. It’s just such a fascinating part of the world.

What does the Caribbean offer travelers that other destinations don’t?

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Obviously the beaches are the best in the world, but the Caribbean also offers a very textured product, from top hotels to one of the world’s great undiscovered foodie scenes.

As a Caribbean travel expert, what are some of the main reasons travelers continue to return to the Caribbean?

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The beaches, the food, the rum, the warmth. But ultimately, the Caribbean offers one of the most relaxing travel experiences out there—it’s a way for people to get back to basics and escape the grind. People still have that fantasy of the Caribbean as that Corona commercial, the tiny beach bar on the sand, away from the bustle of the world. That’s not a small thing.

What do you suggest for first-time travelers to introduce themselves to Caribbean life?

While it depends on the destination, it’s always a good idea to check in to a local joint, sample the local rum and try the local food. Ask your taxi driver where he or she likes to eat.

What is new to discover/explore for return visitors?

The Caribbean is a much bigger place than people realize, so there’s something for everyone. I think renting a villa is a great way to experience islands in a new way.

Favorite hotels? Restaurants? Activities?

Our top restaurant in the Caribbean last year was Screaming Eagle in Aruba, which is a world-class eatery led by Chef Erwin Husken. For foodies, St. Martin is the Caribbean’s culinary capital by far. As for activities, exploring Martinique’s Route de Rhum is one of the region’s great experiences right now.

How do you see Caribbean travel industry evolving?

I think there will be a new focus on experiential travel, on food, culture, rum, history.

Tell us something about the Caribbean that most people do not know?

There are some fascinating, wonderful cities in the Caribbean. It’s not the kind of Caribbean vacation people think of, but Santo Domingo, Fort-de-France, San Juan, they all offer remarkably varied experiences for travelers.


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