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Brisbane, Australia has some world-class galleries, museums and public arts schemes. Both the Qld Gallery of Modern Art and the Qld Museum have been lucky enough to host a number of international exhibitions, exclusive only to Brisbane. But what about the art, culture and people of Brisbane itself? Where do you go if you want to learn more about the story of Brisbane and what makes it one of the world’s most liveable cities?

For that, you need to head to the Museum of Brisbane or MOB, located in the heart of the city in the beautifully restored Brisbane City Hall. MOB explores the lives of the everyday people of Brisbane and the events that have shaped it and made it the laid back city it is today. The museum has a number of exhibitions that it curates and rotates and none reflects the microcosm of contemporary Brisbane more than ‘100% Brisbane.’

An Interactive 'Day in the Life of Brisbane' Map. Photo courtesy of Museum of Brisbane
An Interactive ‘Day in the Life of Brisbane’ Map. Photo courtesy of Museum of Brisbane

100% Brisbane gives visitors and locals a chance to meet and understand more about 100 residents of Brisbane who currently call Brisbane home. The 100 residents are based on demographics produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, representing a broad cross section of gender, age, race, culture and lifestyle. They represent the ‘Brisbane DNA’. From these 100 people, a fully interactive exhibition has been created. Listen to different stories about the Brisbane 100 and then join in on their experiences. Smell the mangroves, sunshine and thunderstorms as they share memories attached to those distinctly Brisbane scents; watch footage of the Brisbane River flooding as you hear stories of heartache and courage about the 2011 flood event; listen to local indigenous representatives talk about their Brisbane community; see the last piece of Cloudland, where so many people came to dance, have fun and meet their future husbands and wives.

During the exhibition, you have a chance to answer a set of questions and compare your answers instantly to the Brisbane 100 as well as other visitors to the exhibition. Topics such as immigration, climate change and marriage equality are covered in the survey but you can also tell them about your pets. A collaboration with Berlin based theatre company Rimini Protokoll, the exhibition will run for several years. Over that time, it will be added to and updated to reflect Brisbane’s ever changing face.  A great way to stay out of the blazing sun for a couple of hours and learning more about the city you’re visiting, in cool air-conditioned contemplation.

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Ride to the top of the Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower. Photo courtesy of Fiona Ryan

Like most Museum of Brisbane exhibitions, this one is free to visit. The MOB also happens to be where you collect tickets for a free escorted tour to the top of the clock tower, in one of the reconditioned cage lifts. These tickets go quickly so make sure you get to the museum early and collect one. You can then plan your day around your tour time.

100% Brisbane Exhibition
FREE – from July 2016
Museum of Brisbane
Brisbane City Hall
Brisbane City  Qld  4000




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