Living Food

Living Food: Haute Cuisine or Not Cuisine?

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This conceptual food by Royal College of Art graduate Minsu Kim would wriggle around on the plate and in your mouth.

Minsu Kim’s Living Food project builds on developments in synthetic biology to propose meals that behave like living creatures.

“Synthetic biotech has already started to create artificial life in organic forms,” says the designer, citing a swimming artificial jellyfish made of heart cells by researchers at Caltech and Harvard University. “Breathing life into artificial digestible forms in not merely a fantasy.”

In the Design Interactions department of the Royal College of Art’s graduate exhibition this week, Minsu Kim presents three dishes, each exhibiting a different behaviour: wriggling around, waving tentacles or puffing up as though breathing.

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“This project explores new culinary experiences through developments in synthetic biology, and finds its lineage in haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy,” the designer adds.

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“What if food was able to play with our cutlery and create hyper-sensations in our mouth?”

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