Las Vegas Attractions That Are Still Worth Your Time



Las Vegas is in many respects a city caught between eras. It’s known for its casino resorts, and yet people now find casino activity online (and young people aren’t particularly interested at all). It’s meant as an entertainment paradise, but people are spending less time even going out to the movies, let alone traveling across the country or the world to find entertainment. At the same time however, Las Vegas is always developing new ways to keep people happy, and even some of its more old-school aspects retain a vintage brand of charm. In other words, despite having become dated or even unnecessary in some respects, Vegas remains a worthwhile place to visit – particularly if you go for some of the following attractions.

Theatrical Performances

Hospitality 21 has actually covered the theatrical entertainment of Las Vegas before, but to reiterate, it’s one of the best cities in the world in this regard. In fact, one could legitimately place Las Vegas second only to New York City in terms of U.S. cities’ relationships to the performing arts. While New York is primarily about stage plays and musicals however, Vegas embraces a range of shows: circus acts, magic shows, and even bizarre one-offs like a zombie burlesque show. There’s a little bit of everything, and altogether it makes theatrical performance one of the best reasons to visit Las Vegas in 2018 and beyond.

The Poker Rooms

Where most casino gaming is concerned, it’s true that the internet has rendered Vegas obsolete. Not only are games available in astonishing variety, but players can tap into welcome bonuses, try games for free, build up lasting accounts, and so on. Where poker is concerned however, there’s still something to be valued in the atmosphere of the live experience. Thus, the iconic poker rooms – most notably at the Bellagio and the MGM Grand – are still very good reasons to visit Las Vegas. You need to know what you’re doing to actually play for money, but even if you simply observe them as a spectacle, there’s something special about the Vegas poker rooms.

The Buffets & Dining

It may seem strange to highlight buffets as a reason to visit an entire city, but in Las Vegas they’re just about that good. At one point or another, buffets became some of the main attractions at the top resorts, and while they tend to be expensive, they also offer insane quantities of delicious food. And if you want to take the idea of dining in Vegas further, it should also be noted that the city’s collection of high-quality restaurants and celebrity chef establishments is just about second to none.

The Rides

Rides didn’t really start as a main attraction in Vegas, and as a result they don’t get too much attention. However, there’s now a solid lineup of thrill rides, from the Big Apple Coaster looping through a mock-up of the Manhattan skyline, to heart-stopping experiences on top of the towering Stratosphere hotel. At this point, the whole city is something of an amusement park for those who enjoy rides.

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