International Luxury in New Orleans at The International House Hotel



What I love most about boutique hotels is how carefully thought out the designs are. From the architecture to the furnishings, everything is unique and encompasses the culture of the city in which its located.
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The International House Hotel, with its perfectly situated location just a few short blocks from the French Quarter, is full of history. In 1906, it was the Louisiana Bank & Trust and in 1943 the building was turned into the “International House”, the first World Trade Center by businessman Archie Jewell. In 1998, The historic building on one of New Orleans most prominent business addresses became the city’s first boutique hotel.

International House

As I checked in at the long illuminated front desk, I was able to take notice of the dimly lit elegant lobby, decorated with rich red velvet chairs and ottomans with soft music playing in the background. It was a far cry from the usual hustle and bustle of the typical hotel lobby. It was peaceful. It was a lobby that you could actually sit in and read a book or have an intimate conversation with someone.

Cafe Britt


IH 908 PCKAs I walked into my room lined with wall to wall black velveteen carpet I was welcomed by jazz music coming from the iHome music player and an amazing city view coming through the window. I had to take a moment to sit in one of the black velveteen chairs in front of the large window, to reflect on where I was and how amazing New Orleans is. As I continued to take a tour around my larger than average room, I made my way into the bathroom also very large with floor to ceiling windows. This has to be one of the largest bathrooms I’ve seen in a hotel room that wasn’t a suite.

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The design and architecture of The International House hotel were thought out wonderful combining both new and old New Orleans with sophistication and luxury.


Where was your most luxurious stay in New Orleans?


Originally posted 2016-02-09 09:30:30.

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