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Helpful Lifestyle Hacks: 6 Great Product Picks



Let’s face it, life can be frustrating. Luckily there are throngs of products on the market to help alleviate common annoyances and generally provide sound solutions for things you wish were better or just easier in some way, shape or form. I’ve assembled a few such items below—some tried and true fixes and tricks that can enhance your lifestyle in one way or another.

Nomad Wallet with Charger ( – $99.95
Many of us are constantly looking for products that will keep our devices powered on-the-go while also being seamlessly integrated into our lifestyle…without requiring yet another thing to carry around. Nomad Wallet is one such item. True to the size and shape of a standard wallet but with a built-in device charger, this item is great for guys who are always out and about and rely on their cell phone to get through the day. In addition to utilizing the lightest, thinnest, strongest materials to suit the wallet design, Nomad went to the absolute extreme of lithium-ion battery tech and ultra-compact circuit boards to craft the ultra-high density onboard system: a 2400 mAh battery and Apple Lightning charge mechanism built right into the spine of the wallet that’ll provide one full iPhone 6s charge—anyplace, anytime. The Nomad Wallet will let you put power in your pocket that’s ready to come to the rescue when your phone’s battery gets low.

BrydgeMini and BrydgeAir ( – $129.99 – $149.99
If you’re like me and can be vastly more productive communicating on an iPad device via keyboard rather than finger strokes, then look no further than the BrydgeMini (for iPad Mini) and BrydgeAir (for iPad Air) to have you typing away in no time. These small Bluetooth-enabled attachable keyboards are ideal for an on-the-go business person, student or anyone else who does not want the bulk, extra weight and inconvenience of bringing a full-size laptop to travel or to class. Like all Brydge products, both of these are premium aluminum keyboards with backlit keys and hinges for full 180-degree positioning. They quickly and easily turn your iPad into a thin, sleek and ultra-portable laptop. The BrydgeAir also includes built-in speakers. Both are available in three colors (gold, silver, and space gray) to perfectly match your iPad and, amazingly, the rechargeable battery only needs to be charged once every three months. Lightweight, practical and stylish, these products offer the user functionality, productivity, portability and power intended to rival any entry-level laptop.

Bink Mobile Media Table ( – $249
Smart interior design is all about form and function and the convenient BINK mobile media table from BDI certainly fits the bill. It’s a great-looking companion to have handy anywhere you work or relax and would benefit from having a sturdy flat surface within reach. Whether lounging, snacking or working on your device from the sofa, while poolside or anywhere else indoors or out, this portable table goes anywhere you want. With a soft, contoured modern shape and constructed of aluminum and steel, BINK creates a comfortable workspace for a laptop or tablet and is an attractive resting spot for your favorite libation and snack bowl. BDI is known for furniture pieces that are unique, functional and great looking. Designed by Matthew Weatherly, the BINK Mobile Media Table is a stylized approach to the traditional side table that boasts a creative and versatile design. The BINK, which is available in an array of colors to match nearly any décor, slides under most couches and chairs with non-marring glides, making it especially perfect for small spaces. However you use it, BINK’s inspired design is a useful and great-looking addition to any home or office.

Heat Holders Thermal Socks ( – $9.99-$24.99
Whether at home, at work or at play you surely want to stay warm in the cold winter months or when ensconced in a chilly environment—bonus if it’s in a way that’s fashionable to boot. Accomplishing both is Heat Holders, which offer a full range of world-class thermal clothing, accessories and home items that will keep you warm, comfortable, safe and stylish. If you hate having cold feet in particular, try their uber-cozy socks that are over seven times warmer than regular cotton socks and three times warmer than ordinary thermal socks! In fact, Heat Holders socks are 2.34 TOG rated. TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a recognized measure of a textile’s thermal ability. Simply put, the higher the tog rating, the better a product is able to keep you warm—as a point of comparison, a basic cotton sock has a TOG rating of 0.33. Specially designed for long-lasting well-being, Heat Holders’ unique thermal technology works in three parts: advanced insulating yarn, long looper thermal pile and soft brushed inner to maximize the amount of warm air hugged against the skin. Many also like these better than heated, electric or battery-operated socks because you can take them on and off without fussing with batteries. And, styles abound from camouflage to stripes, national flag designs and more. Warm, cozy and cute!

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Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner ( – $18
Here’s a sad truth Hollywood make-up artists have known for years: With age, the whites of eyes lose their bright white color. Luckily, there’s now a product to combat this issue: Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner. This beauty product provides a workaround that makes eyes appear bigger and brighter with just a single use. Simply apply the eyeliner to the tear line or across the lash line of your upper lid to make your eyes instantly appear more alert! This super hydrating eye brightener uses the latest technology with special incandescent color pigments to expertly disguise heavy pigmentation around the eye. With a light, natural texture, it gives your eyes a bigger and brighter look even on the dullest of days. Erasing dark circles has never been easier. Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner is from Skinn Cosmetics, which offers a full range of premium skincare and color cosmetic formulas developed by professional makeup artist Dimitri James. No longer just for Hollywood A-Listers, you’ll look like a star yourself!

Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter Spreads ( – $6.99
With peanut allergies on the rise, Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter spreads are perfect for families managing food allergies or for anyone with a penchant for healthful and highly portable snacks and spreads. These tasty peanut butter alternatives are made from naturally sweet and “nutty” tasting yellow peas, but without a trace of peanuts, tree nuts, seeds or soy. Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butters are produced in a completely nut-free facility and are all-natural, soy-free, gluten-free and do not contain high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or artificial colors or flavors. The product is available in two varieties—Sneaky Chef Smooth No-Nut Butter and Sneaky Chef Chocolate No-Nut Butter—and both are available in 18-ounce jars and in 6-ounce grab-and-go cups. They are a delicious indulgence straight out of the jar or spread onto just about anything. Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter is so delicious, one need not have a peanut allergy to enjoy it as a great peanut butter alternative.






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