Wedding Guest List in 30 Seconds



If you haven’t already figured it out, the number of guests at your wedding will significantly affect the overall price. So while you may think, “It’s just five more people, that shouldn’t matter”…think again.

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Let’s do some quick math so you can get a better idea of just how much you are paying for just five extra guests:

100 guests x $50 (per meal) = $5,000 x 8% tax = $5,400 x 20% service/gratuity = $6,480
105 guests x $50 (per meal) = $5,250 x 8% tax = $5,670 x 20% service/gratuity = $6,804
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That’s a $324 difference for just five guests!


Let’s take 10 guests for example:
Cafe Britt


110 guests x $50 (per meal) = $5,500 x 8% tax = $5,940 x 20% service/gratuity = $7,128
Just 10 extra guests is $648


So it DOES make a difference!


And if that doesn’t seem like a lot to you, just remember that is only the price for the meal. You aren’t taking the following into consideration…extra tables, extra chairs, linens, ceremony chairs, a larger cake, guest favors and the list goes on.


Get the point now?? Great!

Now because I know this is the hardest part of planning a wedding (or at least it was for me!), here are some quick steps to getting that guest list narrowed down. And of course, there will always be some exceptions but do your best to stick to the chart and you will be well on your way to getting your wedding guest list planned within your allotted budget!


Happy planning!


Guest List in 30 Seconds - Amber Spire

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