Gift Registry, Elopements and Destination Weddings



Elopements, intimate weddings, destination weddings. They’re all becoming more and more popular due to the increasing price tag that comes with a large, extravagant event. You may want a huge celebration but don’t have the funds to support that, or you may be the type that doesn’t want all eyes on you and either way, that is your choice and your choice only!

Destination wedding

But regardless of where your wedding is and who is there, you still want gifts, right?? For many, gifts aren’t important but for many couples who are unable to furnish their home once the marriage is official, gifts can be quite nice!

You may want a huge celebration but don’t have the funds to support that,

So what happens if you aren’t having guests at your wedding? How will you get gifts then?

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While a widely disputed topic, I believe that a gift is something family and friends WANT to give to you, rather than HAVE to give to you. They want to celebrate with you and give you something that will be helpful in your new home or something that will bring memories of your wedding day and the day you began your beautiful marriage together.

Simply put, I think that a gift registry is absolutely okay and needed, even if you are eloping or are having a destination wedding.

Cafe Britt


The reason why?



If you don’t have a registry, it’ll make it harder on you! If your aunt will not be attending the wedding, she may want to buy you a gift anyways. And it’s much easier to give her the store where you are registered, than to tell her exactly what you want (and your uncle, and your grandparents, and your best friend) and not receive any duplicates while still receiving items that you want and need.

However, there is one very important rule in my eyes: 

If you are not inviting someone to your wedding, DO NOT send out registry information. That’s overstepping your boundaries, and will make someone feel as though they are required to send you a gift. Because how awkward is that for them if they don’t?

Our first wedding present!

If someone is being invited, you are more than welcome to include a registry insert with your invitations but if not, you can only provide that information IF THEY ASK.

No matter what type of wedding you decide on, that is up to you. But to make it easier on you and on your guests, have a registry up and ready to go so you’ll receive gifts you want, and your family and friends can provide gifts as a congratulations to you…if they wish.

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