Frenchie: Foodie Haven in Paris

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Like Biarritz for surf and Cahors for Malbec, Rue du Nil, 2e Arr.t, has all that is needed to become the golden spot for foodies hitting Paris.

An anonymous narrow street, close to traffic, with pavé de pierre, is actually drowned out by big waves of gastronomic creations. Throughout the day. From breakfast till dinner. C’est toujours Frenchie.

imageLike most stores going strong, the music here is played by a talented band with enormous international experiences and diverse backgrounds – from rugby to winemaking and theatre; nothing goes wasted in honor of good food.

But it is up to Greg and Marie, adorable couple and Frenchie founders, to make all comfortable and flavorful. From the lobster roll in the take-away storefront, “Frenchie to go”, to the beetroot salad or the sweetbread in the wine bar, “Bar à vins”.

Cafe Britt

The rallying cry in all of Frenchie’s minuscule kitchens is “fresh and homemade”. So are pastrami and all other charcuterie, the soft drinks like ginger, tea and cider and the incredible pastries served at each venue.

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Frenchie Restaurant, the 1st to open Rue du Nil in 2009, deserves a special mention. Small, cozy, with limited choices, it reflects Chef Greg’s passion for seasonal, or rather weekly, product availability and offers that intimate accessibility that is missing in the Paris fine-dining restaurant scene.

All in all Frenchie is evidence that genius, fun and charm can be all found together in Paris. All you need are Greg, Marie and their talented brigade!!!

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