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A Very Foreign Affair



With a wedding date in the diary, many people are swept away in the heady romance and glamour of the occasion … especially when it is a ‘destination wedding’. i.e. it is not taking place in the home country of the bride-to-be or the groom: in fact it is a truly Foreign Affair!

Weddings can be stressful enough, when they are happening ‘just around the corner’, but, when the location is several hundreds of miles away, the cultural do’s and don’ts are totally different …. and they usually speak a completely different language to you. This is when everything can easily become a wedding nightmare, if you are not fully prepared!

A “foreign affair” (or French destination wedding) can be one of the most romantic ways of tying the knot, with that special je ne sais quoi difference. Côte Weddings can show you a variety of ways to celebrate in true French style, and where …… and how to avoid many of the common pitfalls.

Chateau Diter
Chateau Diter

However daunting planning a wedding in another country may seem, it is easier to digest if you break it into two stages:  your preliminary research, and the ongoing decisions you need to make. This is where a Wedding Planner who is on the spot is worth their weight in gold! They can take away a lot of the pre-wedding headaches and stress, especially if you do not speak French, or are unfamiliar with the area.

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Many couples have come to us over the years wanting something different from a typical wedding in their home country. All their friends have had the marquee in the stately home, the ‘meringue dress’, the wedding singers and the speeches ….. and sometimes a few unwanted guests! They may have already had them for a first marriage. They are usually certain that they want something different, and a day that can be what they want ……. and on their own terms. A wedding abroad can provide them with this.

Here are the main reasons why the Côte d’Azur is one of the most popular European wedding destinations in France:



°       The South of France is one of the few Mediterranean regions in Europe, along
with Italy and Spain, that can offer one of the highest levels of service for a top
quality wedding, and a selection of unsurpassable venues: châteaux, converted
abbeys and castles, stunning seafront hotels, private beaches, vineyards …. and
super yachts!

Cafe Britt


°       The smells and colours of the region of Provence are intense and evocative, and
sunshine and crystal blue skies can be guaranteed for almost 10 months of the
year, and you will definitely enjoy better food and weather than in more
northerly climates!

°    Nice, the main entry airport to the French Riviera, is less than 2 hours away
from many European cities, and has direct flights to the US. If the wedding is
to be in Monaco, there is a direct helicopter link between Nice airport and the

°    The growth in the number of budget/low cost airlines has made air travel more readily available at a realistic price, both for the bride and groom, and for their families and guests. For wedding locations that are further along the coast, west of Cannes, there is also the option to fly from some European cities to Marseille or Toulon.

°    A wedding on the Côte d’Azur also means that you have an excuse for not inviting guests that you would have been obliged to at home. It can therefore offer you a more personal and selective approach when making your guest list. However, if the word gets out that the celebrations are taking place on the Côte
d’Azur, everybody will want to come!

°       You do need to be realistic about your budget. Everything on the Côte d’Azur is about lifestyle, and “the best of the best” …. And this comes at a price!

All that you need to say is, “I Do”!


Guest contributor Anne Ager, Director of Côte Weddings specialises in planning the ultimate in bespoke destination weddings in France, and especially in the South of France, each with a particular touch of class. Opening photo credit: Adamo Morgese.

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