ECBC Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag with Easy Access, TSA-Friendly Laptop Section

MSC Cruises

I think my days of searching for my perfect travel bag are over. I could never seem to find one that does it all and well, without out wearing out. This bag is it and will never need another.

The big feature is the way one can fold out the laptop compartment when laying out the bag on the TSA conveyor without imageremoving the laptop completely which is satisfactory in most airports. Brilliant. While I have TSA PreCheck, sometimes a separate line is not always open.

Cafe Britt

My favorite feature is it is both a regulation carry-on size and rolls but also an overnight garment bag – two bags in one. That’s right. It is ingeniously constructed to take one suite and dress clothing set which I have never seen within carry-on dimensions. It can take a beating while rife with compartments for tech products from smart-phones to tablets to laptops, including a built-in external power pack to run it all for hours.

To be clear, my bag was complimentary for a consumer review as a travel professional, but I would purchase one in a heartbeat. Since it serves more than one purpose, it saves money in the long run when it takes the place of both a carry-on and garment bag.

You have to see it – no, travel with it – to believe it. This is perfect.

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