EazyO – the first beachside food and drink delivery service.



Miami’s favorite beach chair? The one featuring EazyO, the first beachside food and drink delivery service.
If you ever have the opportunity to talk with Brett Benza, founder of EazyO, you’ll quickly learn he’s been around for awhile. With over 28 years of building brands, it seems only natural, that he’d dream up this one-of-a-kind app, intent on helping hotels and luxury resorts provide fast, efficient service to their clientele.
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My interview with Mr. Benza was both informative, fun and eye-opening. I believe EazyO is going to be a huge hit in Miami. And I predict it just may travel further.
Brett, can you tell me a little bit about EazyO?
EazyO began as an idea, centered around making every single aspect of the guest experience the very best it can be. I decided to present it first, to high-end hotels on Miami Beach, ones that boasted big, open spaces. With smart phone technology being so advanced now, and the ease in which customers can download their favorite apps, I was confident we could offer an extremely common service in the hospitality industry, in a very uncommon way.
What made you think that this might be a hit with beachgoers?
Picture this; You’re a young mom, on vacation with your husband and three kids. He goes out for a morning of golf, while you decide to take the little ones to the water. It’s a beautiful day.You set everything up, the kids want to use their pails and shovels to, say, build a sandcastle, and you suddenly realize you forgot the sunscreen. With the EazyO app, you can click a button, shop your hotel sundry store, purchase the SPF30, pay for it, and have someone bring it to you on the beach.
Otherwise, what happens? You have to pack up the kids, walk back to the hotel, get the sunscreen, go back to your lounge chair, slather it on everyone and then collapse from exhaustion! The EazyO app has GPS, so the guest service representative from said sundry store knows exactly where you are, amid that sea of people on Miami’s white, sandy shore.
Or, instead, picture this; You are on the beach, with family or friends and decide that you’re hungry. But, no one wants to get up and walk back to the hotel restaurant.
You can always flag wait staff down, right? Your party scans the beach, attempting to wave someone over. Be patient though, they have a gazillion guests to take care of. And everyone seems to be hungry at the same time. Eventually, you place your order, hand over your credit card and wait again, for food and drink to make it back, before it’s spoilt, or you’re just not hungry anymore.

With the EazyO app, you click a button, view the menu ( which has an amazing array of tempting images, ) order whatever you want, pay for it, then hit send. Your order enters the hotel’s workflow. Again, the GPS pins your location, and your waiter finds you catching rays a little while later.

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How did you approach high-end hotels/management companies in Miami to partner with this app? Was it a hard sell? 
This idea was actually an easy sell to the hotels I approached. They could appreciate the numerous benefits of EazyO. These hotels are cutting-edge and business-savvy. Each of them immediately understood the elevated guest experience they could offer with EazyO.
The EazyO app opens the entire resort to visitors. Not only the restaurant or bar, but the spa, the sundry store, the salon and golf course. Whatever amenities might be offered, the hotel’s clientele now have full access to all of it, at the swipe of their smart phone screen. Let me tell you, it’s like a breath of fresh air to the hotel industry.
Can you see it? You’re CEO of a company, in the middle of a business meeting. You notice that everyone’s drink is empty, and you’re center stage, smack-dab in the bulk of your presentation. With a touch of a button called ‘last,’ you can re-order all, never breaking stride in your call to action.
It’s a win-win situation. After the low, initial set-up cost to the hotel, and our slice of the pie, there are no other incurring charges. It costs them nothing more, but gives them a much better connection to each guest staying under their roof. Actually, you don’t even have to be staying at any of these hotels. You could be down in Miami on vacation, spending your afternoon on the beach. If you have a smartphone, you can download the app, connect with the hotel restaurant, order meals and drinks, set up a spa or hair appointment and have the top-shelf experience come to you.
And because the app is free, there’s no cost to the guest. Talk about a lot of buzz! EazyO has it!
You are working with upscale resorts right now. How is it working out? How far reaching do you believe this will become, say, in the next 3 years?
I have the greatest partners. I’ve joined hands with The Boucher Brothers; I’m talking the largest pool and beach management company around. And these four wonderful guys have exclusive rights to what sells on Miami Beach. Utilizing this app, they get to elevate both choice and quality of food offered to beach-goers.
Right now, we’re working the EazyO app between 14th and 15th street, in places like The Boca Raton Resort and Club, The Fontainebleau Miami Beach, The Naples Grande Beach Resort, The Raleigh Miami Beach, as well as some parts of Miami’s public beach. I can tell you this; everything is running seamlessly. I can also let you know that we’re hoping to add three or four other big players, by the end of February.
You are not new to the craft of building brands, Brett. What’s next on your radar?
Truthfully, the EazyO app is my main focus for the foreseeable future. You know what we’re really doing here? We’re disrupting old things, shaking up yesteryear’s ways. Guests evolve, they want the very best experience when they travel. The mere idea of EazyO was ground-breaking. It hasn’t been done before. And we’re thrilled to run with it. EazyO is going to help provide stellar, A-plus connections luxury travelers look for. I’m going to stick around to celebrate.

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