Catching Up with Eva LaRue



I first met Eva when Hospitality21 published an article on her perspectives on Hospitality. She has inspired so many working single mom’s that an affluent career is attainable while still managing the demands of motherhood. Amidst her busy acting career and demands as a full-time mother, she still manages to find time to write a lifestyle blog full of relatable posts encouraging moms to keep a sense of humor and insights on her favorite destinations.
As if those endeavors don’t keep her schedule fully booked, she is also the ambassador for the Tahirih Justice Center, an organization providing pro bono lawyers who fight for asylum for women fleeing gender-based violence. She is also on the Board of the Mona Foundation, supporting universal education and gender quality with  education for girls, providing better communities for all. Eva has also recently started a series called “ParenTeen” on her YouTube channel. WOW! She is one busy momma!

My nickname is:
My name is pretty short, so I  never got  a cool nickname.
First thing I do when I wake up is:
Pray/meditate -then coffee!
Can’t live without:
If I had one week to escape:
It would be to Tahiti.
If I only had $10 in my pocket:
I would spend it at Starbucks.
Everything tastes a little bit better with:
Cafe Britt


Originally posted 2019-03-07 08:00:49.

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