Calvin Cottar: Best African Safari Guide



Anyone that has been on a safari can attest to the fact that a good guide can make or break the overall experience. Qualified rangers are either degreed or have passed extensive certification where they must master 4×4 driving, shooting skills and bush knowledge to include conservation, reserve management, animal behaviors and geology. One of the benefits of visiting a top rated lodge is that they dedicate significant resources to ensure the training and recruiting of only the best safari guides.

Calvin Cottar has been guiding in the African bush since he was a mere fifteen years old. Whether in vehicle or on foot traveling around the Maasai Mara, exploring with him is as similar as walking through a childhood home and pointing out locations that hold never ending stories of memories.


He has been voted as the Best Guide in Africa on numerous occasions and has been interviewed by countless travel writers, international reporters and conservationist enthusiasts. Having been a professional hunter, owned a wildlife management company and worked for the Kenya wildlife Service where he initiated five district wildlife associations, Mr. Cottar now offers private guided tours through the African bush. Together with his wife, Louise, he is the owner of Cottar’s 1920’s Camp, works with the Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust and explores new safari destinations such as in South Sudan.

Cafe Britt


The Cottar’s are referred to as the First Family of the safari business.

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With a life time of accumulated knowledge and experience, the highest KSPGA qualification (Gold) and his unparalleled passion for the wildlife, Mr. Cottar makes any experience a memorable one filled with knowledge, excitement and unforgettable enjoyment.

Originally posted 2015-03-12 08:03:57.

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