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No one wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says, ‘I think I’ll be rude today,’ …

Most of us think of ourselves as polite, but when we’re in a hurry or dealing with strangers we don’t always use the manners we know we should. Yet it only takes a moment to use the simplest courtesies, and what a difference that can make to our interactions.

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We learned them as children: “May I have a cookie, please?” almost always worked, while “I want a cookie” didn’t get you a crumb. “Please,” “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” “Excuse me,” and “I’m sorry” are just as important for adults. These essential words are effortless to say but convey a wealth of meaning to others. They’re powerful for their ability to create positive interactions. “Thank you” shows that a gift or a favor is appreciated instead of expected. “Please” changes a demand into a request. At the Butler Academy we believe in the word “excellent”, when greeting most friends or people the answer is almost certain to be “ I am good thank you, how are you?, or I am fine, how are you? What about, “How are you? I am excellent, thank you for asking, and how are you?” Use magic words and go back to basics. Here are some wonderful new words to use:

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  • Wonderful – brings delight and excitement to your day “it is wonderful to see you”
  • Certainly – Instead of saying “yes” replace the word with “certainly, it will be my pleasure”
  • May I – Next time you want to ask a questions rather say “ May I, ask a question” Asking permission…
  • Allow me – Scenario “ Where is the bathroom? Answer, Please, Allow me to show you”

Thank you for reading our Etiquette tips.

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