Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas…The Post Wedding Brunch



The post wedding brunch is the last hurrah before the weekend comes to an end; an opportunity for guests to catch up (sober-esk), recall last night’s best moments and say farewell. So that brings us to this question…is it necessary?  Well little lady, it comes down to 2 things -how many of your guests are from out of town and is it affordable? If more than 60% of your guests are from out of town and staying at one main hotel this is more reason to consider a post wedding brunch as your wedding is technically a destination wedding for these guests. Your guests have spent a bit of cash to fly to your wedding, take days off work or other activities, snag new outfits, book a room, and buy you a fabulous gift,- the least you can do is send them off with a blueberry muffin and Bellini before they board their flight.  Money is also a BIG factor here; you want to host a nice brunch, if you have to skimp on the necessities just to say on paper you had a brunch, forget it. You are better off offering nothing than irritating your guests with just coffee and some dry donuts, not that they won’t be grateful, but with the lavish affair you threw the night before; going suddenly “el-cheapo” will ignite the much needed gossip about the weekend. Human nature, we love a disaster! To avoid this stinker, here are a few ideas on how to throw a brunch from fabulous to frugal.

If your reputation far exceeds your wallet concerns, feast on this sample menu with stations:

“Fabulous Fiona”

  • Passed Peach Bellini’s Melon & Berries Served in a rocks glass topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt, honey and mint sprig served at each table setting
  • Assorted Mini French Pastries and Muffins (in baskets at each table setting)
  • Omelet Station- Featuring local fresh Vegetables, imported & domestic cheeses, lump crab meat and ham
  • Shrimp Cocktail and Bloody Mary Station- Shrimp Cocktail Skewers, Mini Bloody Mary Shooters with Old Bay and Salt Rim
  • Little Piggy Station- Maple & Sage Breakfast Sausage, Apple wood Smoked Bacon, and Peppered Pork Belly
  • Gourmet Pancake Station- Featuring- Whole Wheat Pancakes, Gluten Free, and Buttermilk- Assorted Fresh Toppings and Chef’s House- Made Syrups
  • Corn and Jalapeño Fritters
  • Fennel & Jicama Salad
  • Crepes- Spinach and Goat Cheese, Brie & Mango, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry etc- THIS you can ask your caterer to custom make to your liking
  • Steak & Egg Sliders, BLT & Egg Sliders Poached Salmon with Dill Crème Fresh


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Beautiful Breakfast in a Sunday morning in Shanghai

If your wallet is a little gun shy try this sample menu

“Sweet & Savvy Sally”



Cafe Britt


  • Assorted Breakfast Sandwiches on English Muffin & Whole Wheat Deli Wraps
  • Freshly Baked Bagels with assorted Cream Cheese
  • Bacon and Turkey Sausage
  • Spinach & Artichoke Mini Quiche
  • Brioche French Toast
  • Tomato, Mozzarella & herb Frittata
  • Whole Fruits ( great for your guests as a grab & go)
  • Basket of Organic Snack Bars

If you can’t pull out the big bucks for a brunch, treat your guests to “Breakfast in a Bag”. Similar to the welcome bags, provide a similar bag at check out, or for a small fee have it delivered to their rooms. You can either DIY or ask your hotel to provide this meal in a bag. All you need is a really cute box or bag, and insert goodies like this:

“Frugal Fanny”

  • 2-4 Breakfast Pastries/Muffins wrapped in fabric similar to your wedding theme or gingham cheesecloth, tie a cute ribbon, and attach a “Farewell” note
  • 2 Bottles of Morning Juice- OJ and Cranberry- remove labels and attached your own custom made labels- add a nip of Kettle One Vodka for a real “Hair of the Dog”
  • Whole Fruit- (something local and in season)
  • Breakfast Snack Bar or Bag of Veggie Chips- (something for the plane)

Now when it comes to who pays for the brunch, this is the tricky question. I have seen it gifted from good ole’ Grandma and sometimes simply the Bride and Groom forking over the cash. Typically it is paid for by the bride’s parents- no matter who decides to flip this bill, make sure that the brunch has the following elements: Sweet & Savory, Hot & Cold, Breakfast & Lunch.

Invitations for this sort of affair, are best sent out the month of the wedding or 30 days out (after you have received all of your wedding day RSVPs. The battle is going to be who to send it out to:- all of your hotel overnight guests of course, but with ever changing budgets and the no show rate of non-hotel guests, you and your family need to evaluate who deserves that morning muffin! Make the RSVP’s 7 days before the wedding day, send via email or make it as formal as you like, but be warned Chica- the night of the wedding you will have those random guests who did not RSVP previously, verbally accepting your invitation at the most inappropriate time- like say during the wedding reception while you are trying to take the best selfie ever! Oh those guests… I mean honestly don’t you know the world moves to the tune of their busy schedule? Asking for another RSVP to Mimosas!your weekend events takes too much of their time; not to worry after all you are not really that busy, you’re just planning a wedding and waiting around for them to respond, that’s just amongst the 100 things you have to do, no biggie right?


With the wedding to do list piling and piling, the brunch is just not the end of it, you still have a honeymoon to go to, gifts to open, move into the new place, clean your dress, send thank you cards, change your name , and it keeps going on and on.




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