How Ancient Egyptian Society Shaped Global Culture Today

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Among the civilizations of the ancient world, few are more revered than Ancient Egypt. A popular subject covered by The British Museum and other historical organizations around the world, this empire flourished for more than three thousand years, longer than any other civilization known to man. No wonder their culture has had profound effects to virtually every aspect of people’s lives, even to this day.


Many elements of today’s government are related to Ancient Egypt as detailed by Ancient Egypt Online. Political systems such as the monarchy and government officials, legal codes, agriculture, economic provisions like goods trading, taxation, property ownership, and other aspects of governance owe their basis to programs implemented during the rule of the Ancient Egyptian empire.

Egyptian BookReligion

It is widely established today that polytheism was the main form of religion in Ancient Egypt as evidenced by countless inscriptions and records. Unbeknownst to many, however, the other main facet of religion – monotheism, has its roots in this civilization as well, long before the advent of Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. Based on studies by educational institutions such as Utah State University, one Egyptian pharaoh in particular, Akhenaten, was the first to practice this system of belief, eventually imposing it unto his people.

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Ancient Egyptians are among the most successful builders of all time. Temples such as the one shown in the first image in this article were the references for many structures built by Greeks, Romans, and several other civilizations that followed, not to mention pyramids, which are now among the most recognizable structures in the world. Even the famous Washington Monument was inspired by Egyptian free-standing structures called “obelisks”, as explained by the History Channel.


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When it comes to everyday life, many activities people undertake these days have been influenced by the ancient Egyptians. Beauty regimens such as oils and honey, medicine – both scientific and alternative, food processes like brewing and preservation, daily tools including paper and writing instruments were among the things ancient Egyptians developed for every day use. Their influence had such huge impact; even every day items like smartphones today have apps related to their culture.

Egyptian Bazaar

The Ancient Egypt app is an educational tool that helps people discover more about the history of this ancient civilization. Gaming apps such as PocketFruity’s title, Cleopatra on the other hand, bring to the fore Egyptian art and the most iconic Egyptian Pharaoh of all time, in all her refulgent beauty. Regardless of whether it’s for educational or entertainment purposes, Egyptian culture still has a long lasting affect, that’s even apparent on technology.

It’s highly evident that Egyptian influence has been, and will always be, a part of people’s lives, from ancient to modern times. Society wouldn’t be what it is today without the impact of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen.

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