All About Home Rentals

Everything You Wanted to Know

With modern technology affording more opportunities and options to travelers, accommodation solutions such as Airbnb and HomeAway have taken the market with zeal. Although you may be aware of these options, you might still have some lingering questions ranging from the safety of the rentals to curiosity about the location and payment. Don’t worry, we have compiled some of the most asked questions to help you learn more about this modern solution and maybe even help you decide if it’s the right fit for an upcoming holiday.

Will I be staying with the owner of the home?

Not necessarily. When browsing the booking website for Airbnb, you are able to select if you want to rent just one room in a shared home or the entire home. Most guests reserve the entire home for privacy. Many of the available options are used as secondary homes or are investment properties used exclusively for renting. The latter are normally managed by property management companies and lack the typically finesse that dealing with an owner offers. The owners who rent out their own homes traditionally only accept bookings when they are holidaying themselves and won’t be home. 

Will I still have amenities?

Many renting home owners have discovered the steep competition between their offerings and other home rentals and hotels. Therefore you may likely discover a number of amenities ranging from bath products to fully stocked kitchens and bars available from host. Never hesitate to inquire about amenities before booking if that is an important feature for your stay.

What about safety? Are the rentals legal?

Just like booking a hotel, common sense is a good thing to use when looking at the overall location in regards to safety. Map out the closest police and fire stations for emergency purposes. 

The media has spent a lot of time amping up the fear of home rentals and advising the general public to reconsider. Although there have been a few “one-off” experiences, Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and others have invested a great deal of time into guiding owners on securing permission to rent their homes as well has enhancing any necessary safety features. They also do not remit payment to owners for the first 24 hours following the reservations start to ensure the guests don’t encounter issues. If you are ever in doubt, always inquire with the owner and read the previous guest reviews.

Why do some owners have restrictions?

These are peoples homes and investments. They want to ensure you are caring for their belongings and adhering to any rules imposed upon them by HOA’s, condo associations and the like. By providing restrictions to guests up-front of the reservation, they are protecting themselves so they can continue their efforts in providing future guests with impeccable hospitality and fulfilling experiences in their rental space.

Are the reviews real?

Yes! The reviews on the owners and the guests alike are real. Be sure to read these and you might learn some unique ins-and-outs about the location which other guests have discovered in previous stays.

Some tips to enhance your stay at any home rental:

  • Rent a Zipcar to explore the area.
  • Research to discover if the owner offers any unique experiences or book with Tinggly for a memorable experience.
  • Pre-schedule a grocery delivery using Instacart to ensure you have meals and snacks available. 
  • Bring an AppleTv or Amazon Fire Stick to provide rainy day entertainment.
  • Ask the owner to leave delivery menus for nights you plan to recuperate from exploring the destination.

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