A taste of local food (Machboos) from Bahrain



Bahrain is known for its exotic beaches on the shores of Persian Gulf. Being an island country, Bahrain does not have a huge land area and hence most of its food requirements are filled with goats and fish from the Persian Gulf itself. However, Bahrain is still famous for its dates which have a unique and distinct taste because of the weather conditions on the island.

Machboos- The Best Local Food of Bahrain and its Ingredients:

Since, most of the Bahrain feeds on fish, one of the local’s favorites is Hamour fish which can be served grilled, deep fried or steamed in case you are watching your diet chart. This fish is also used in a dish called Machboos. This is one of most sought after tasteful delight in Bahrain. It is prepared with fine rice mixed with curry made up of lot of spices and Hamour fish. Machboos has gained so much popularity all over the world, that a lot of restaurants offer the dish in different styles majorly by using different kinds of meat or chicken instead of fish.

I first discovered Machboos at Camelot Restaurant in Manama region of Bahrain. I found this place while travelling and asked the waiter for their specials. He read our faces and knew we are new in the area and suggested us to order Machboos in the main course with Halwa in the dessert and off course he couldn’t be more right. The dish was a delightful.

Cafe Britt


Machboos is in most places very reasonable priced and a meal for two will cost no more than 5-7$ and is worth every penny spent. It is available in most of the restaurants in Bahrain and considering its popularity in the country it is no surprise that it is even available on small roadside vendors with no compromise on the exquisite taste.

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I am always up for experimenting with different cuisines and giving my taste buds a roll every time I travel. I loved Bahrain cuisine a lot. The distinct flavors and spices make it irresistible to the tongue. Also, most of the Bahrain dishes are cooked in milk and celebratory dishes are usually cooked on low heat overnight which brings out the taste and flavor in every single ingredient. In Bahrain apart from Machboos, one of the signature delicacy is Gahwa, it’s a welcome drink prepared with cardamom and saffron and is considered to be the coffee of Bahrain and is something everyone should drink and is definitely one of the most delicious local foods of Bahrain.

While traveling, one should always go for the local food and cuisine. It helps the traveler to connect with the location and also enables the traveler to experience the journey on a different level all together. Also, it helps keeping the local culture alive and you also get to know the local traditions and cultures of the place. Whenever possible, talk to the chef or the waiters and ask about the dish, every dish usually has a story behind it about how it evolved from a food item to a culinary masterpiece.

While traveling to Bahrain for an out of the world culinary experience, get a Bahrain visa and please taste it.


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