A Dynamic 21st Century Eatery: City Kitchen

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From age-old steakhouses to modern gastronomic delights that more resemble artwork than edible portions, you will never want for food while in New York City. It can actually be a challenge to find a dining scene that offers an appealing selection available to locals and tourists alike. City Kitchen has nailed that task on the head and continues to surprise New Yorker’s and tourists alike with delicacies that will please the most discerning palates.

City Kitchen, next to Row NYC, is a modern take on a food hall or cafeteria. The owners have turned every borough of New York City upside down to bring the best ‘bites’ to patrons.  The design concept brings the New York food truck indoors with curated brands situated into kiosk-sized kitchenettes. The amount of flavor that jumps from these micro-kitchens will amaze you! There is a cuisine for everyone.

City Kitchen


Donuts galore. The size of a small child’s round face peering into the glass display case, these brioche based treats are baked fresh and served in a ranging variety of flavors which alternate daily. If you want the best selection, plan to arrive early and to wait in line for your morning cuppa joe and Dough.

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Gabriela’s Taqueria

Mexican cuisine with New York flair. Hands down the best breakfast on the street and the sweetest culinary team. The empanadas will have you screaming for lunch time.


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Cafe Britt

What is there to say about Luke’s? I would walk from California if it meant a reward of Luke’s incredulous lobster roll.

City Kitchen



Azuki sushi has firmly planted itself in the hearts of many sushi lovers. When walking through the City Kitchen food hall, you will see copious amounts of sushi being shared among friends, followed by equal amounts of vocal “MMMM’s”.

City Kitchen


Whitmans offers up unique culinary delights at City Kitchen. Their hand-crafted burgers heady scent wafts down to the street below, luring in curious passerby’s. Once they have located the origin of the delicious smell, they will be shocked to discover it comes from a quirky burger topped with bacon and a smear of peanut butter. Yes, you read that correctly…. peanut butter. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!



You will be hard pressed to discover another such unique eatery in any city.


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