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10 Reasons To Drink Kombucha



Who doesn’t love an everyday drink that tastes great and can encourage overall health at the same time? Bar none, the current “It Girl” of health beverages is the ever-intriguing kombucha. When you learn that it is a fermented tea made from a culture known as ‘scoby,’ it doesn’t sound like a particularly appetizing treat. But this fizzy drink is actually exceptionally tasty, and packs health benefits that are nothing to scoff at. Today you are being introduced to this bodacious beverage laying out all the reasons why this drink is oh-so special.

Come take a sip with us!

Kombucha. Photo courtesy of Brooke Lark

People have been integrating kombucha as part of a healthy lifestyle to help improve overall digestion and gut health, clear up skin concerns, and even as a quick energy booster. Some of the most popular flavors of kombucha include grape, raspberry, and ginger. Due to the many health benefits, kombucha is an excellent alternative for sodas and sparkling cocktails.

Since kombucha is only gaining momentum in health and wellness circles, it’s worth giving it a sip this summer. Here are our top 10 reasons to add kombucha to your list as a daily go-to beverage.

  1. It’s like drinking a ray of sunshine. Sweet, fizzy and extremely refreshing.
  2. The perfect mid-afternoon energy alternative to coffee.
  3. Beat that sweet tooth craving with a Kombucha flavor such as grape.
  4. Support your digestive system with this gut friendly beverage.
  5. Supercharge your immune system and maintain its strength.
  6. Kombucha has some serious ninja antioxidants that help protect the body.
  7. Mix it in your favorite cocktail recipe in place of the sugary mixer.
  8. Or put down the alcohol altogether and sip a glass of bubbly kombucha instead.
  9. Tight on $$ or can’t make it to the local grocer? You can always opt to make it yourself.
  10. There are so many different flavors to try that it never gets boring!

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