Why Next Time, We’re Saying ‘No Thanks’ to NOBU Hotel

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They say casinos don’t have windows so that people lose track of time, get disoriented and gamble more, right? Well while I understand that, I can’t possibly understand who thought it would be a good idea to charge people an exorbitant amount of money to stay in a hotel room that delivers the same feeling of disorientation.

While it wasn’t a total disaster, read on to see why if you’re thinking about staying at NOBU in Caesars Las Vegas, you’d be smart to place your money on a different bet.

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I’ll start this off by saying I freaking LOVE Caesars Palace. Like, IT’S MY JAM, so I was really surprised and disappointed when I left behind my usual selection in favor of the (supposedly) better boutique hotel nestled inside. I had visions of asian accouterments, glamorous decorations and furniture, and the high-class experience you’d expect when paying $470 a night (yep, that is what they are charging per night for a weekend).

For $470 a night, you can expect…

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Nobu No View

This view. Yep. This is your view. From majority of the rooms. And no, those aren’t balconies, they’re ‘fake balconies’ that you can’t even go out on so they are a waste of room space. Don’t expect to be able to see the sky or know what the weather is doing and don’t forget to close the curtains because your neighbors can see EVERYTHING. This was probably the worst part about the whole thing. If you’re charging me that much, I better at least be able to see the sky.

Our first room was interesting, to put it politely. The minute we walked in, I noticed the furniture had been beat to death. The wood was chipped, the couch looked dirty, and it was dark…really dark. The whole thing just seemed like the perfect metaphor for someone who had lost all their winnings—sad.

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I will say the staff was very friendly so you’ve got that going for you if you need to go request a different room, which we did. Thankfully, we were upgraded to a Junior Suite but unfortunately, it wasn’t much better.

The furniture was in better shape but…

Cafe Britt

*Our mini fridge had already been raided and not refilled. And I had to call twice to get them to do it, the whole time with my fingers crossed they wouldn’t charge us for the missing items.

*No slippers. That might sound snobby but I have hardly ever paid that much and not gotten slippers. PLUS, this is an Asian hotel and your room is supposed to come with them. Like the mini-bar, they must’ve forgotten to replenish those too.

*No Welcome tea. Apparently this is something you were supposed to get upon arrival but yea…we didn’t.

*That view. Oh lord, that view.

Now before you think I’m a total Oscar the Grouch, there were a few Pros to the hotel, which had we been charged significantly less, might have made the hotel actually enjoyable and the terrible things forgettable.

*Husband left his wallet in the old room during the switch and it was returned with cash and all.

*The bed is SO comfortable that we wrote down the make and model, so at least the sleep was excellent.

*The amenities are large and pretty awesome. Bath salts, bath bubbles, body lotion, makeup remover, comfortable robes, etc….they nailed it on those and the steam shower is nice too.

*The Japanese toilet. If you’ve never had the pleasure, you are missing out my friend!! Its got a heated seat and several bidet features for that extra fresh feeling you know you need after a night in Vegas!

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Overall, I couldn’t get over the view and my disappointment in the missing amenities and services. With so many places to chose from on the Strip, there’s no reason to pay that much for that little so next time, I’ll be rolling the dice on another hotel.

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