Rustic Genuine Leather Handcrafted Writing Journal


  • About the pages:This is craft paper.Yellowish color.Not acid free paper.160 sheets 320 pages. Dimensions in Inch: 8.34×5.9×1.1 .The pages are sewn into the leather. Just like one customer’s review the journal is “worn in” feel but built to last and it’s sturdy.It will be better to use carbon ink or pencil to write on this journal which will keep your words or drawings for very long time.I’m still young so I can’t give you a specific number.Decades or more or more…Anyway the journal is built to last for my grand and grand grand children to see how interesting person I am.: )God bless me I can live that long to tell you how many years my journals can last for~ For customers who want to keep your drawings and words on the journal for hundreds years I will suggest you consider the upgrade edition of this journal which will be available on June.
  • About the metal bookmark:Some are sword some are clover.But most of them are clover.
  • About the leather cover:Really good cowhide Leather cover Journal.Thick but soft.The more you use the better the leather will be. You will instantly fall in love with the vintage surface feel and the fine leather smell. WARNING:This is handmade craft journal NOT EACH JOURNAL IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE PICTURE ONE.Every batch of the leather is not exactly the same.It takes 50 minutes to sew just one of this journal.Time and handcraft make good things.The picture can not show what a good journal it is. It will never let you down.
  • Package:1 journal with box.Moisture,strong sunshine and wind and acid are not good friends of this journal.Treat your journal gently.: )

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This journal is VALERY “Nature series”NO.1.She comes in a classic style and has been manufactured just from the best parts of cowhide with highest quality.

Experts instantly understand the value the handiwork applied in the fabrication of the smooth, soft cow leather.
The papers are tightly bound so that the journal can follow you wherever you go and whatever you do, as a note- or sketchbook, or collecting your thoughts to name a few examples.

This book would make a perfect WeddingGuest book, artist’s sketchbook, photo album, wedding album, or scrapbook.
We’re sure you will find just the right use. It makes a perfect “coffee table” book, and a great conversation piece.

We like to think of our books as becoming family heirlooms.
Without a doubt a remarkably individual gift and a valuable possession full of personality.