Private Cooking Class In Kyoto


  • 3-hour private cooking lesson in Kyoto
  • A private tour ensures an intimate, personalized experience
  • Feast on a meal of your own creation, eating Japan-style on cushions on the floor
  • Taste delicacies unique to Obanzai cuisine including kinpira gobo and saikyo-zuke
  • Visit the home of a local and learn how to prepare simple, traditional dishes

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Taste the best of Japanese cuisine on this unique and intimate 3-hour private cooking class in Kyoto. Keiko, a local, will invite you into her home for a lesson in cooking Obanzai cuisine, unique to the Kyoto region. Using seasonal and local vegetables and seafood, you and Keiko will prepare dishes such as saikyo-zuke (Kyoto-style miso-marinated fish) and nikujaga (a dish of meat and potatoes stewed in soy sauce). When the meal is ready it’s time to feast Japan-style, sitting on cushions on the floor. Make a new friend, eat a delicious meal and learn more about Japanese culture and cuisine on this unique private tour.



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