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Pretty much everyone anticipates summer. Summer holiday fun, school is out for a few months, tans, and refreshing culinary spreads. For us here at Hospitality21, we look forward to the Summer Fancy Food Show. SFFS, as it is lovingly referred to, is an industry trade show held each summer in New York City – completely overtaking the enormous Jacob Javit’s Center. To attend is a wonderful experience as one is able to meet with amazing chefs and food product founders from around the world. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a Shark Tank investor meandering through the crowd of press and distributors.

Our favorite products from the SFFS 2017 are as follows:

The Spice Lab Wellness Teas

When you’re feeling stressed out and maybe even a tad under the weather, look no further that The Spice Lab Wellness tea blends for the perfect pick-me-up. Delivered in gorgeous glass apothecary jars with the wooden scoops to measure the ideal cup, these blends will make for beautiful table displays and memorable gifts. Once the hot water pours over the dried herbs, your senses will be overtaken by the fresh green scents partnered beautifully with leaves such as rooibos and lavender.

The Spice Lab Peri Peri Seasoning

If your spice cabinet is anything like mine, it may be a cross between a hoarder and an aficionado. Between the 5 varieties of salts and the gorgeous dried herbs from various continents, I didn’t think there could be another thing I *needed* to add to my collection of flavorings. Alas, I was mistaken. The Spice Lab’s Peri Peri Seasoning is the perfect marriage of a 5-spice blend with a little extra *POW* for the spicy lover. For once, I found a spice that doesn’t need any extra ingredients to bring out a bigger bolder flavor. This little bottle of blends offers the perfect balance to season chicken, fish, or even a pasta.


Dry Sparkling

Can’t drink? Need a soda alternative? Maybe you are just looking for a new culinary fascination; look no further than the dazzling line of DRY Sparkling. Bring a little sparkle to your hot summer days with flavors like Watermelon and Lavender. When the crisp fall days roll in, a juicy sip of Fuji Apple or Blood Orange will prepare you for the tantalizing winter bubbles that Ginger and Cranberry have to offer. Drink virgin or blend with your favorite liquor for a cocktail that will have you dancing the night away on those DRY bubbles. This will absolutely be a new staple in our refrigerators from now on.

American Heritage Chocolates

American Heritage Chocolates was probably one of the few times we can honestly say we were pleasantly surprised. For those chocolate connoisseurs this will hit home… literally. The warm vanilla and cinnamon notes that roll across your lips and linger on your tongue will have you dreaming sweet dreams. We definitely recommend preparing for the upcoming cooler months by purchasing the Chocolate Drink mix and the Chocolate Bites. The ease of preparation is only offset by the slow warming sensation of sipping it under a wool throw next to a crackling fire.

Califia Farms Milks + Coffees

Califia Farms is one of the products which we already stock our refrigerators with. In fact, Sunday brunch and Monday mornings are completely impossible without our one, ok – ok two glasses of creamy XX Double Espresso Cold Brew Coffee. We were wondering how Califia could stretch their amazingness through the rest of our week, and they didn’t let us down. With a range of products to suit every palate and dietary need, Califia offers plant milks, enhanced milks, creamers, juices and cold brews to last at least month. Prepare your next smoothie with the incomparable Organic Almond Homestyle Milk. Spice up your next side dish of Jasmine rice by adding a healthy cup of Organic Coconut Homestyle Milk. Push through Hump-day with a ice cold glass of Unsweetened Pure Black Cold Brew Coffee. No matter your taste preference, Califia Farms has you covered everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

Feast on Tunisia

Tunisian Dates

The sticky sweet organic Tunisian dates direct from Kantago are something you should certainly keep an eye open for while at the market. These babies are delicious stuffed with an almond and dipped in decadent dark chocolate or even displayed on a table for your next dinner party. Don’t overlook these treats next time you’re in the store!

Tunisian Harissa

What is classified as a staple in many homes in the world, Harissa is a very unique spice that is not well-known throughout the United States, yet. If you love all things spicy and umami, then Le Petit Paris Harissa is the condiment for you. We tested out this beauty on a recipe borrowed from our friends at Food 52

Tunisian Pasta

Photo courtesy of Food 52

When anyone suggests pasta, like most of us, you probably think of the savory sweet varieties hailing from Italy. We were surprised to learn that Tunisia offers up their own pasta with a delicious spin on what we are accustomed to. Utilizing heavily salted water starts of this pasta dish the right way and offering a foundation full of flavor before layering more. Mix in some steamed veggies and toss with rich and creamy Mediterranean cheese and a healthy dose of spicy Harissa. Dim the lights and turn on some Malouf for full authentic effect. We really enjoyed this recipe from our friends at Food52.

Olive Oil

Have you ever experienced an Olive Oil whose scent is so heady, so vibrant and so silky smooth that you sip a bit off of the spoon? Well, Abada’s Olive oil revolutionized the our perception of olive oils. The aroma of fresh green olives washed over you and if you close your eyes, you may imagine yourself in an olive grove with the breeze marinating you in the fresh greenery. we have used this on quite literally everything since obtaining it. Eggs, pasta, fish, poultry, steak, on a spoon….

Mrs. Renfro Salsa

Football season is beckoning and so are the many gourmet options available to serve at our tailgate parties. For a simple and crowd pleasing option, Mrs. Renfro Salsa offers up 77 spicy years of experience when it comes to salsa and flavor. Our favorites are the rich fiery Craft Beer Salsa and the crowd pleasing Green Salsa. No matter if you serve this up in a bowl for full kick-ass pow or mix it into your favorite culinary recipe, Mrs. Renfro Salsa are your new kitchen staple.

Daelman’s Stroopwafel



Stroopwafels – an all-time staff favorite here at Hospitality21. This year, Daelman’s has outdone itself with their new Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafels. We thought the originals were knock your-socks-off-tantalizing, but these chocolate covered babies just take things to a whole new orgasmic level. You will want to snag a box and kick those stale Milano’s out of their hiding place, because trust us… these will be your new snack fetish.

Nocciolata Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread

Do you ever discover those once in a lifetime items which you hide from everyone else so that you can be the sole recipient of all of its goodness? Well – toss all of those things out! Nocciolata has curated the perfect balance of cocoa and hazelnut with a smooth silkiness that is unsurpassed. So far, we have enjoyed this glistening spread on everything from toast, crepes, and a silver spoon to in our hot cocoa and on our fingertips. Bypass the typical Nutella next time you’re in the store, and upgrade your game to Nocciolata’s Organic selection.

Sweetaly’s Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

Sweetaly’s novel treats are not stranger to many on the West Coast. However, making its way to East Coast tables is a selection of divine gourmet treats which you and your holiday guests can enjoy year-round. With flavors inspired by Italy’s traditional desserts you can select from Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Pana-cotta, Cappucino Panna-cotta and the newest (and most refreshing) Lemon Ricotta. These perfect single-serve sweets are ideal for many occasions ranging from lunch boxes to wedding take-home treats. This is one item you won’t need to hesitate over in the store – in fact – grab one of each flavor!

Photo, courtesy Sweetaly Dolceria


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