On the Road Again


“The Travel Writer’s Wife: A Travel Memoir” is a charming little book written by travel writer Ron Stern’s favorite traveling companion, his wife Nancy. An artist, journaler, and now travel writer in her own right, this book is a series of reminiscences of trips taken–from Colorado, where the Sterns live, to London, where Nancy studied art as a young woman, to France, Germany, and more.

Each chapter offers not only a glimpse of the destination itself, but interesting historical facts, hotel and restaurant tips, the glamorous bits of the travel writing life (Butlers? But of course!), and the not-so-glamorous parts (jet lag, lost luggage, medical emergencies).

Along the way Nancy offers advice on packing (lots of black!), suggestions on beginning your own journaling projects, and how to prepare a proper British tea, including a recipe for her own shortbread cookies to go with your daily cuppa (I may even try it out myself).

Unlike most travel books, this work is illustrated not with photos but with the artist-writer’s own delightful sketches. Both armchair travelers and those on the go will enjoy this read. You can also follow Nancy on her blog, www.travelwriterswife.blogspot.com.


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Carol Sorgen is a freelance journalist, travel writer, Editor in Chief of Hospitality21.com, and self-confessed gypsy at heart. Her articles have appeared in both print and online publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Ocean Home, Coastal Living, Chesapeake Views, and Style Magazine, to name a few. She has also authored or contributed to a number of books in such fields as health care, fitness, and the arts. When she’s in between trips, Carol makes her home in Baltimore (but would rather be in Paris!).