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The latest entrant into the convenient food delivery market is open for online orders. Yo Mama’s Foods, with offices in Gainesville and Clearwater Florida, offers gourmet sauces and dressings that will appeal to consumers concerned with where their food is sourced.

Developed by a professional caterer, Yo Mama’s sauces and dressings do not contain a nasty list of GMOs, sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, and the other fillers often found in packaged foods. The phenomenal flavors of their products reflect the natural and wholesome ingredients that go into every bottle and jar. Because Yo Mama’s uses only such gluten-free ingredients as high-grade extra virgin olive oils, vine-ripened tomatoes, honey, and fragrant herbs, their products are safe for use in a gluten-free diet.

The staples of the product line, Yo Mama’s Marinara Magnifica as well as Yo Mama’s Bold Balsamic and Zesty Sesame dressings, have a multi-year track record of pleasing thousands of satisfied customers. Meal kits are also available, and with pricing in the $4.90- $5.90 per serving, they make it easy and affordable to pull together a delicious and hearty meal that serves 6-12 people in a mere 20 minutes.

From ingredient selection to production methods, Yo Mama’s Foods is striving to provide catering-quality food that anyone can assemble at home for a fraction of the time and price required to hire professionals. By simplifying the effort required to successfully bring a gourmet meal to the table, the at-home chef is free to spend less time worried about the mechanics of planning, shopping, and outcome, and more time enjoying the simple daily act of sharing delicious food together.

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Learn more about Yo Mama’s fun and innovative products and enjoy your shopping experience at Yomamasfoods.com.


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