Along with Uber, Opentable, and Ticketmaster, (just to name a few), is the latest to join forces with a new company called Button that is bringing all of us mobile-hungry consumers the one thing we constantly crave…more, easier, and faster access to the things we want. And we’re loving this new idea.

When a company is voted the best place to work in New York Cityyes, you read that right—they might just be on to something. So what exactly does this new favorite who has to field hordes of applicants on a daily basis do? 

The easiest way to explain Button is that it is essentially a software platform that lives within mobile applications we already use on our phones and brings you everything you want at the touch of a button. Let’s use the new partnership with as an example. Say I’m in the app and I find this really great hotel in NYC. I can book the hotel, but Button will also allow me to book an Uber to get there.  Additionally, and announced today, Button has now become preferred platform for their mobile partnerships that drive traffic. Think, when reading an article about Santorini, after booking a flight, now you can book a great place to stay at the touch of a button…powered by Button. The app will have buttons that drive to other useful/relevant platforms but there will also be a button living within other apps. So when you’re in a different app doing travel research, you can use the button to book a hotel room. Make sense? It can take a bit to grasp the idea but once you do, you can see the massive potential for both consumers and companies who have invested in mobile applications.

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CEO and Founder, Mike Jaconi, says ”The concept was formed when we were sitting there looking at the landscape in mobile and how it’s changing the way business’ connect with consumers. With the adoption of more devices, entire societies who were previously disconnected becoming digital and mobile and payment infrastructure improving, combined with daily spending now moving into the digital space, you can get pretty much everything at the touch of a button on your phone. All these trends were indicative this is gonna be big, so big that if you can find a way to give consumers what they want and take that intent and match it to the places they want to be, it’s bound to be a success.”

Mike’s a man with big ideas because not only does he see how Button can make mobile transactions faster and easier for consumers, but he realizes the business potential is huge. He wants large companies to stop spending their advertising dollars on pointless in-app ads (that, let’s be honest, we all HATE) and instead focus their budgets on connecting their users with useful information/actions.

“Its really evident to me that there is a growing wave of dissatisfaction with ads, especially on mobile. We try to say ‘Hey, consumers have intent! Rather than spending money on ads, because there’s only so many times we can see candy crush on our phone before ignoring it, monetize through the ACTION  your users are likely to take! The best type of revenue is transactional revenue, booking revenue. That’s where the uncapped budgets live.’

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Knowing that booking transactions are where the gold is, when a business decides to employ Button in their app, it seems to be a win-win for all involved. If I’m using the app and end up calling an Uber to get to my hotel while in-app, all parties involved get a cut of the final transaction. As users move from to Uber, and Button generate revenue. Everybody is happy and everybody gets paid.


So what does think about their new partnership in this uncharted technological territory?

“We see Button as a great technology partner and believe their solution will help us enhance the customers’ mobile booking experience,” says Paulo Cunha, Sr. Director of Global Retail and Business Development for  “Button enables us to remain connected to our customers throughout their entire journey from the point where they start dreaming about travel to offering them access to in-destination services and experiences.”

It’s really quite interesting to watch as will not only send traffic to other profitable applications, but they will also be receiving users sent to them by referrals from other apps so they are able to play on both sides of the work. With other big-name brands joining in the melee, it’s only a matter of time before we are able to access everything we want from anywhere, with just the click of a button. And as a person who finds my nose in my phone more-often than not, I like the way that sounds.

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