10 Delicious Ways to Upgrade Your Toast

Have you ever really considered toast? I mean really…

Typically the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is attempting to master the toaster without burning the bread then slathering on the butter. Toast has so much more potential than that! Serve it for breakfast, lunch, dinner OR dessert. Yes… dessert. Put the butter away and forge ahead into the new and wonderful world of toast:


1. Welsh Rabbit or Welsh Rarebit

Don’t let the unappetizing name fool you. This deliciously savory dish typically made with a cheese sauce will satisfy even your hungriest moments. The Guardian has written a lengthy article on what makes this treat a favorite in England. Our favorite recipe is borrowed from Britain’s very own Jamie Oliver.



2. Smashed Avocado, Feta & Mint on Sourdough


James Ransom / food52.com

It’s so refreshing and simple. Thank you Food 52, for bringing this to our attention!

3. Spread on the Bagna Cauda!

Bagna Cauda is an Italian fondue type dip made from anchovies, olive oil, garlic, and butter. It’s even better when spreading on toast instead of dipping! Add a little Raddichio, Egg and Avocado to really luxe it up. Food 52 knows how it’s done.


4. Egg-in-a-Basket

Egg-in-a-basket is a simple take on the British classic ‘Toad-in-the-Hole’. It’s not only delicious, but the kids will enjoy helping out too! Ree Drummond gave us a perfect step by step recipe here.


5. Chocolate Hazelnut Panini

Spreadable chocolate and hazelnut…. need we say more? Our favorite recipe here.


6. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Buttered Toast

Why settle for plain butter? Celebrate the ease and deliciousness of toast with this recipe from How Sweet it is.

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7. Rub it with Tomato

When it comes to food and eating, the Spanish know their stuff. They infuse the essence of tomato on the toast by rubbing freshly sliced tomato on the hot bread. Get crazy with it and top with a fried egg! Yet another favorite recipe from Food 52.


8. Quail Egg Canapé

Okay, so maybe it isn’t toast, but there are croutons in it which kinda counts. Michael Ruhlman shows us how it’s done.



9. Crostini Alla Romana

Crostini Alla Romana is our editor’s favorite treat to serve guests year-round. It’s flavorful and filling ingredients are a special treat for football tailgate parties. Giada de Laurentiis nails it in this recipe.



10. Pound Cake Toast with Pears

Yes. We just went there. Who said toast is exclusive to bread alone? Toasting cake caramelizes the sugars and adds a touch of extra sweetness to this treat. Add a few slices of caramelized Bosc pears and VOILA…. dessert!



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